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While working with clients, Elena frequently used the energetic properties of crystals, gems, and various essential oils to help them process emotional and physical shifts in a more gentle manner. It just made sense to personally formulate and combine both essential oils and crystal elixirs into go-to blends that would help her clients shift their energy around them whenever desired.

Please Note:
Elena is not a licensed physician.
No health or beneficial claims have been approved by the FDA.


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Sprays & Salts

Alternative Smudging

Traditional smudging uses the smoke from smoldering sage; but it is not always practical to burn herbs when you encounter negative energy. However, you can achieve the same energy shift using Elena's Elixirs alternative smudge sprays. Our smudge sprays are portable and can be used in any space at home, work or while traveling. Elena's Elixirs are specially blended with organic essential oils and are infused with crystal energy to help cleanse and open a space to positive energy with a simple spray or relaxing soak.

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Why Sprays

Alternative Smudge Sprays

Though our smudge sprays smell amazing, they are not air fresheners! Elena's Elixirs smudge sprays combine the metaphysical properties of crystal elixirs as well as the aromatherapy benefits of organic essential oils. Our premier line of alternative smudging products is called:

The Beauty of Life.

Once you begin to clear away negative energy, habits, and ways of thinking, you are able to realize the magic inside of YOU to create the beautiful life your soul craves.

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Why Salts

Alternative Smudge Salts

Unlike smudge sprays that are used on-the-go, bath salts require you to slow down, take time out, relax and truly meditate. The Beauty of Life premium bath salts use organic essential oils and metaphysically infused crystal elixirs to help you achieve your desired energy shift. Elena's Elixir premium smudge bath salts can be used in a relaxing soak after a long day, or as a refreshing scrub in the shower before a meeting or event.

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